Class Dress Code

Failure to follow the dress code may result in the student not being able to participate in class



All female ballet students must wear the color leotard specified for their class, along with pink tights and pink ballet shoes.  Ballet students may wear tight fitting, solid colored dance shorts or skirts, if their instructor allows.

Pre Ballet                            Light Pink

Ballet 1                                Lavender

Ballet 2                                Burgundy

Ballet 3                                Forest Green

Ballet 4                                Navy Blue

Ballet 5                                Black

Young Adult Ballet           Black

Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary
Solid colored leotard, tan, black or pink tights. Students may wear tight fitting, solid colored dance shorts, pants or skirts, if their instructor allows.


Jazz                                 Black Jazz shoes

Tap                                 Black Tap shoes

Hip Hop                        Black Jazz or Hip Hop shoes

Contemporary           Barefoot

Solid colored leotard, tight fitting dance shorts, knee high socks. Black Irish or Scottish shoes.



Solid colored leotard, shorts, no tights

Male Students
Solid colored shirt, solid color athletic shorts or pants


All Classes

  • Hair MUST be pulled away from face in ponytail or bun

  • No jewelry or street shoes

  • No cleavage or stomachs showing

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