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Hear what some of our parents, students and teachers have to say about Studio 55 School of Dance:


Parent Testimony - Colleen

"It's a wonderful environment - they develop character and quality of child. I feel very confident having (my student) dance at Studio 55."

Student Testimony - Kirstin

"Studio 55 has... helped me develop more leadership skills and made me able to realize how important it is to be a role model for the younger kids."

Teacher Testimony - Sophia

"Studio 55 is one of my favorite places in the world!"

Parent Testimony - Stephani

"It's a very professional atmosphere and it helps build little girls' self esteem."

Student Testimony - Clementine

"The teachers make you work hard for what you do and they are very nice!"

Parent Testimony - Kara

"A good Christian, wholesome atmosphere!"

Student Testimony - Makenna

"Studio 55 is very special to me... because the dances have meaning to them and you are dancing for a reason!"

Student Testimony - Serenity and Olivia

Student Testimony - Shelby

"Studio 55 is more like my second family!"

Student Testimony - Keegan and Cooper

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