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Check out our virtual costume look-book! 


We've compiled a dropbox of all of our classes recital music. Use this music to practice at home! 


APRIL 13TH, 2024

More information to come as we get closer to Picture Day!

MAY 11TH, 2024


MAY 11TH, 2024

Where: Western Community Arts Center

              1400 S Dearing Rd, Parma, MI 49269

When: Dress Rehearsals: May 9th & May 10th

             Show: May 11th 

             View exact times and exact assignments by clicking the buttons labeled, "Dress Rehearsal", & "Show Assignments". 

Dress Rehearsal & Show Assignments: View times and exact assignments by clicking the buttons "Dress Rehearsal", & "Show Assignments".  Please note, we do our very best to get students in one show & siblings in one show. Due to the number of students that we have, this is not always possible for everyone. 

This page is password-protected.
Please contact us for the password. 

Each class will have specific tights, accessories, etc for the recital. This information can be found using the "Search My Dancer" button above. This page is password-protected for the safety of our dancers. Please contact us for the password. 

More recital information regarding, hair, makeup, costumes, ticketing, etc. coming soon!

There are no refunds on Recital Fees!

All adjustments to costumes are included in the recital fee. 

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