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Spend your summer at Studio 55! Brand new students and returning students are welcome to join us while we dance the summer away! 


 1. Follow the Online Registration link (button above) to log into your current online account or create a new account. ​


2. Fill in your account and contact information, and include a valid credit card. Don't worry! We won't charge your card for anything without consent! Add your student(s) and choose the classes you would like to enroll in.

NOTE if you are doing this on a mobile device: When you go online in the parent portal, the front page has your child's name under "Students". Do not click that. Instead, click the three lines (menu) up in the right-hand corner, and then select "Register". You will go through and click next through all of the pages with your information. (making changes where needed). You will eventually get to a page with all the class offerings. 

NOTE: If you do not see the summer classes, be sure that the drop-down menu says "Summer 2023". 

3. Your registration requests will then be sent to us and we will contact you within 48 hours to either confirm your requests or let you know what alternative class we suggest for your student.​


4. Once we have sent you a confirmation, you will see a charge on your online account for your summer classes. Your summer fees will be charged to the card on file 30 days before the camp begins.

Summer Enroll
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